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Principles for Oral and Poster Presentation Submissions

Please Click to Send an Oral or Poster Submission!

• We will accept “Oral” and “Poster” presentations for the conference.
• Scientific committee may suggest changing the submitted presentation as oral or poster presentations.
• Accepted oral presentations will be presented as a video at the congress.
• You can send your oral presentations as abstract or full text. We can publish your presentation as an oral abstract or full text in the issue, depending on the way you wish and send.
• You can submit your submission in English or Turkish.
• The presenter author must register for the congress. A Participant can send a maximum of two papers as the "Presenter Author".
• Papers must not have been published or presented in any scientific platforms.
• Please use online abstract submission system to send your proposal. We will review them and inform you back as soon as possible through your submitted email.
• You can add pictures, figures, and graphics to your submission.
• Please do not pass 350 words for your ABSTRACT excluding title, key words, and author(s) and their addresses.

Poster Submission Criteria
• Poster presentations can be in the formats of original research, case report, systemic review, literature review, or letter to the editor. • We expect original research poster abstracts to have the following sections: Introduction and Aim, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.
• Case report abstracts should include Introduction and Aim, Case Report, Discussion, and Conclusion.
• Other forms of posting are dependent on the authors' design. All authors should include References.

Oral Presentation Criteria
• Oral presentations should be in the form of original research, systematic review or meta-analysis.
• The presentation should include Introduction and Aim, Materials and Methods, Findings, Discussion and Conclusion, Bibliography, and Keywords sections.
• Please follow APA-7 for writing.
• Please include at least two key words and separate them with semicolon.
• Please follow “Medical Subject Headings (MESH) to indicate your key words;
• Papers that are not presented at the congress will not be published in the journal issue for the conference.

Preparation of Full Papers for Publication:
• We will publish your presentation as a full paper if you follow the journal submission guidelines for the Journal of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Research, JCBPR, .
• The authors will need to complete and send the full paper to our email address within two weeks following the conference. & Online Bidiri Toplama ve Takibi Copyright © 2019